SAVE the world- what we stand for

Dear Customer,

At Noir, we try our best to to play our part to reduce packaging.

Since 2014, approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper have thrown away yearly in the U.S. Most of this is packaging. Discarded paper and paperboard currently make up roughly 26% of solid waste in landfill sites.

The Noir team does not want our tags to be sitting in another landfill for decades, only to release methane into the environment.

We have been consciously trying to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We have been working with a supplier to produce recycled boxes and tags, but we have discovered that recycled paper consumes more fossil fuels than it would take to create a new brand new paper box.

Recycling is not the only way to save the the world from further pollution.

At Noir, we want to go beyond and want to work on reducing and reusing

We are currently working with a sourcing agent to purchase used clean boxes as a means to ship our product in an attempt to reuse what is already available. 

We stand by our belief that reusing and reducing paper usage is the best way to conserve resources, battle deforestation, protect fragile ecologies and fight global warming. 

By supporting us, you are standing for reusing and reducing the impact on our environment.

Thank you 

Lots of Love,

Noir Team